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Goji Berries, the wonder food

The super food Goji berry is a fruit belonging to Asia. For hundreds of years goji berries have been used as a food as well as medicine in the Himalayas. Goji berry is popular for its best nutritional value. The giant blueberry sized goji fruit is not symmetrical like a grape but tastes wonderfully unique and differently, as a fusion of raspberry and grape. Himalaya natives have been using Goji for its amazing nutritional content. The active ingredients are essential fatty acids, monounsaturated essential fatty acid, polyunsaturated essential fatty acid and many Phytosterols. The plant cell membrane compounds’ sterols are known for its multiple benefits to human beings. The goji berry also contains anthocyanins, a dense source of class of flavonoids. Goji berries are an excellent dietary fiber and has high ORAC value and antioxidant properties.

Each goji tree produces bunches of deep ruby, small fruit berries. The pulp of the edible fruit can be used as juice of mixed in liquors, wines and as flavor and colorant. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of the Goji berries have revolutionized the nutrition world. Compared to blueberries, Goji contain twice the amount of antioxidants, four times the power of red raspberries, ten times compared to the protection of grapes and is considered as the best nutritional fruit on earth. The berries resemble the combination present in olive oil with its unique ratio of omega oils 3,6 and 9 as well as essential fatty acids. For hundreds of years, Himalaya natives have been widely using the Goji berry due to its natural ability to offer a sense of energy, strength and delivering a high nutrition. The fruit is widely used in a variety of food preparations and beverages in throughout Asia and also used as a anti-diarrhea agent.